Retaining Wall or Garden Mulch?

All building materials have specific applications for which they are best suited. Many have multiple applications. One of the most common building materials is wood. One of its worst applications is retaining dirt. This picture is dramatic evidence that even pressure treated wood will break down and decay. A retaining wall should be thought of as a permanent structure, unlike a raised garden bed or even a fence post.

2013-04-11 13.09.50_300x224

A better choice of materials for this application would be concrete or stone. Concrete can be formed and poured, laid in the form of building blocks, or built up using pre-cast Manor Stone or similar product, all of which are wonderful Do-It-Yourself projects. Just know going in that it is back breaking work. Stone makes a beautiful statement, but it is best left to the professional to lay.

If you find yourself with a slope that you would like to retain, few companies do this work as well as The Wall. Nearly 30 years ago, they started their business building retaining walls using recycled concrete slabs that otherwise ended up in the landfill. They still build those walls today, but now do ever so much more as well. Whether it’s brick, block, concrete, or stone, the guys at The Wall are masters at turning your vision into reality. Retaining walls are just part of their business. They can do everything from driveways and walkways to patios and pool decks or even fun stuff like fire pits and pizza ovens.

See examples of what The Wall has done for your neighbors at or give them a call at (503) 735-9255 for a free estimate.


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