Contacts From The “Best Of” Shows

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you already know I wasn’t able to do a show live from the studio on December 15 or 22. You see, I chose that time frame to have a total hip replacement. Everything is healing nicely and I expect to be back in the studio just in time to wish you a Happy New Year, on December 29. My only regret is that I won’t be able to wish you a Merry Christmas, in person, on air this year.

Selecting interviews from past shows was really a lot of fun; I hope you enjoyed re-visiting some of the best of the past. In the event you heard something you want more information about, I’ve collated contact info for everyone you heard and I know they’d love to have you get in touch:

Angela Todd, Interior Designer
Decorating for the holidays
(503) 784-3119

Wendi Eiland
American Family Insurance
Insuring your valuable gifts
(503) 526-2999

Sandy Sandler
Bows and gifts the easy way

Scott Cohen, All-Time Favorite Interview!
Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen
(800) 813-8422

Molly and Debbie McCabe
Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus
(503) 775-3497

Troy Farnsworth, Custom Home and Remodel Design
Universal Design
(971) 219-1405

Eric Green
Concrobium Mold Control
(866) 811-4148

John Lombardi
John’s Waterproofing
(888) 398-4192 toll free

Alex Bertolluci
Habitat ReStore
(503) 906-3823

Jeremy from Shur-Way Building Centers
What makes wood floors different?

Brian Gleason
Repair, don’t replace, Christmas light strands
(888) 858-2548 toll free

Steve Gemmell, Earthquake Tech
Seismic retrofit your older home
(503) 974-4378


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