Happy Birthday Handyman Bob

Every day is unique in each of our lives, but some days are more special than others. I celebrated a milestone yesterday, when I turned 65 years old. But, I wasn’t alone for the celebration; I broadcast my radio show live from a Rodda Paint store in Portland, Oregon. It was a special occassion for them, as well. Each year they are one of the title sponsors of Paint the Town Clean, a project that brings about 100 volunteers together to paint over grafitti that is spoiling the appearance of local businesses. So, with the help of Alpha Broadcasting, the parent company of our flagship radio station, Newsradio 101FM KXL, and the City of Portland, the volunteers went out, saw the graffitti, and conquered it.

There is another way in which I wasn’t alone in the celebration. I’m part of the Baby Boomer generation, people born between January 1946 and December 1964 – 70 million people! If you do the math, that means 10,000 people are turning 65 years old every day for 19 years. If you don’t believe the Social Security system is in trouble, just re-read those numbers. In very few years, without significant changes being made, there will be only two people paying into the system for every one person drawing income from it. That is simply not sustainable! Not unless each of the two people paying are willing to pay hundreds of dollars each month into the system. It’s time for our Congress to get their heads out of the sand and solve the problem. Maybe it’s time you wrote a letter to your senators and representatives, and just as a suggestion, address the letters, Dear Employee. It seems to me they have forgotten that they work for us.



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