The Solution For Drafty Single Pane Windows

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” No, I didn’t make that up; that’s a quote from Leonardo da Vinci, as used in a brochure for Indow Windows. And, it certainly describes their new product very precisely.

Before I tell you what an Indow Window is, let me take you back more than fifty years, to a time when one of my chores each winter was to “weatherize” our drafty, old, wood, double hung windows. You see, when I was a boy, those windows were already more than fifty years old. So, with pre-cut strips of lath in hand, along with a roll of heavy weight sheet plastic and a pair of scissors, I would “seal” the inside of each window. This involved cutting the roll of plastic into pieces larger than the window and then attaching it to the inside of the window frame with lath strips and nails. Needless to say, come spring, my chore was to remove all of the plastic and the lath as well as fill the holes and touch up the paint. I don’t remember which part of the chore I dislike the most! What I do remember is that try as I would, I simply couldn’t stop all the air leaks and some of the cold still came in around the lath and plastic I had installed.

Today, there are much more sophisticated solutions available, like vinyl and wood replacement windows or storm windows. Of course, each of these has a drawback or two. Replacement windows are expensive! And, they frequently don’t match the period of the home. Storm glass, while less expensive, is a nuisance to install and remove each season, especially on upper story windows.

These are exactly the issues Sam Pardue faced a few years ago with his hundred and six year old home in Portland, Oregon. It had single pane windows with divided lights that were actually better looking than anything he could find in replacement windows. The problem is, they were drafty and let the cold air in during the winter and the hot air in during the summer. He knew there had to be a better solution than storm windows and that’s why he invented the Indow Window.

So, just what is an Indow Window? Going back to the quotation from da Vinci, it is sophisticated in its simplicity. Sam reasoned that if a storm glass attached to the outside of a window could stop the drafts, then there had to be something he could attach to the inside that would do the same thing, but would be a whole lot easier to install and remove. The product, as it has evolved, is a sheet of acrylic glazing, cut to very precise dimensions, and edged with a patent-pending, silicone, spring bulb. When you press the Indow Window into place, the spring bulb compresses, holding the glazing securely, sealing out cold drafts and hot summer air.

But, wait, as Billy May used to admonish us, there’s more! Not only will the installation be quick and easy, it turns out that Indow Windows reduce the noise coming through the original windows by 50%! Just imagine how much more pleasant your home would be if you didn’t have to listen to the traffic or the yapping dog or the neighbor’s lawn mower.

Finally, unlike my lath and plastic attempts to seal out the drafts, Indow Windows are actually good looking. They are completely unobtrusive and simply provide a crystal clear barrier to everything but your vision.

Indow Windows are currently only available in the Portland market, but the company is rapidly moving to take distribution nationwide. For more information and to see just how they work, visit the Indow Windows website.


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